Imagination Stage’s At Your School programs focus on cultivating skills that will serve students throughout their lives while providing them with high-quality dramatic play, storytelling, and performance training from professional teaching artists. Our custom-built residencies and after school class options in creative drama, acting, musical theatre, and dance can be tailored to fit your school or community’s interests, scheduling needs, and budget.



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Imagination Stage’s Arts-Integration and Theatre Arts residencies are designed to enhance student learning during their school day. In Arts-Integration residencies, students deepen content understanding by exploring the connections between an art form and an academic subject as they engage in an artistic process. In Theatre Arts residencies, classes focus on cultivating skills that will serve students throughout their lives while providing them with high-quality dramatic play, storytelling, and performance training from professional teaching artists.

Residency sessions typically run between 45 min – 1 hour and can be built to fit your school or community’s interests, scheduling needs, and budget. Residencies options are available for students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.


Previous residencies have included (but are not limited to):


Arts Everywhere! (Suggested for Pre-Kindergarten)
Through dramatic play, movement, and sensory storytelling, students will explore how to use their actor’s tools of body, voice, mind, and imagination to explore math, science, literacy, and other core curriculum concepts! Students will participate in activities including instrument play, dancing, story-telling, and more.


Children Are Citizens (Suggested for Pre-Kindergarten – Grade K)
This program was developed out of a partnership with Harvard’s Project Zero: Children Are Citizens with a goal to connect children to the city they live in. After researching places in Washington D.C. that interested students such as the Metro, Union Station, monuments, museums, natural spaces, public sculptures, and playgrounds, participants talked, wrote, drew, played, improvised, and created three-dimensional models about their ideas. Watch Sacred Heart School students experience guided dramatic play with Imagination Stage artists as they learn about the Metro.


Growing in the Garden (Suggested for Grades K-2)
In this residency, students work with key components of creative drama and movement including storytelling, roleplay, tableaux, improvisation, sensory exploration, and character building in order to gain a deeper understanding of the variety of ways animals aid in pollination and disperse seeds. Students will explore topics such as seed germination, pollination, and the life cycle of a plant and work towards creating their own story on these processes that they act out as their culminating project.


Narrative Writing & Acting (Suggested for Grades 3-6)
In this residency, students will work deeply within a creative drama unit where they will utilize tableaux, dialogue, improvisation, movement and character building in order to explore their ideas kinesthetically and apply that to their writing work. Students will learn to give constructive feedback, craft stories with strong structure and conflicts, and work as collaborators with their fellow students. Through a focus on narrative writing, students will use journaling and the drama activities listed above to work towards writing and performing their own monologues.


The Actor’s Toolbox (Suggested for Grades 6-12)
In this residency, students focus on the key skills the actor needs in order to create a believable, theatrical reality on stage. These skills include sensory awareness, interplay, active playing, and ensemble building, as well as vocal and physical expressiveness as a pathway to creating specific characters. These skills are built through activities such as theatre warm-ups, movement exercises, and group improvisations and culminate in the sharings of monologues and/ or open scene-work.



Imagination Stage’s after school classes focus on building technique in the arts. With Imagination Stage’s well-known class options in creative drama, acting, dance, and musical theatre, classes can be built to fit within your community’s interests, scheduling needs, and budget. All after school classes are scheduled through your school’s PTA or After School Program Coordinator.

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Danielle PampinellaDANIELLE MATHERS

School Partnerships Manager

Danielle Mathers is the School Partnerships Manager at Imagination Stage. She is an arts educator with over five years of experience teaching, managing and directing programs, and creating performing arts experiences for young people. Danielle recently moved to the DC area from New York. While living in NY, Danielle worked as Program Director and as a teaching artist for children ages 3-18 with Broadway Workshop for six years. She also served as the Artistic Associate at NYC Children’s Theatre. Danielle is also passionate about arts management and was a Research Assistant for Dr. Tobie Stein during the writing of her book Leadership in The Performing Arts. At Imagination Stage, Danielle creates and manages many arts integration residency programs and also organizes after school arts enrichment opportunities in schools across Maryland and DC. She holds a MA from Brooklyn College and a BA in Theatre and Music from Muhlenberg College.


Danielle Mathers

School Partnerships Manager